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michael kors 10 Best Cliffhanging TV Season Finales

10 Best Cliffhanging TV Season Finales
The current TV season is winding down, meaning every show is looking for their season finale to wow us and set up jaw-dropping cliffhangers that ensure we return for the next season. Season finales achieve this feat to various degrees of success and we here at Mania take a quick look at some of the best.
10. Before the firefight that ends the season takes place, the town of New Bern offers Jericho a chance to surrender to which the show main protagonist, Jake Green, responds as a nod to the same phrase spoken at the Battle of the Bulge. That phrase right there is responsible for bringing Jericho back from the dead. Fans upset with the show cancelation, sent CBS tons of peanuts in support for the show. Tired of getting so many damn peanuts CBS succumbed to the fans pressure and brought Jericho back for a nine episodes season two. Angel showdown http://michaelkorsstoreinuk.webs.com/ which had been looming over the final episodes of season two. In the episode final moments Buffy battles Angel and towards the end of the fight his soul is finally restored transforming him into the good guy Buffy loved. However by that time it didn matter, the hellhole was already opened and Buffy had no choice except to say a goodbye and send her first love to hell by ramming a sword through his chest. Heartbroken and alone, Buffy left Sunnydale as fans wept over the end of the Buffy and Angel relationship.
8. After being up for more than 24 hours without any sleep, food or bathroom breaks and constantly screaming it! Bauer returned to CTU where a devastating surprise awaited him. That surprise is precisely why the episode lands a spot amongst the best. After his arrival at CTU, Jack finds his wife Terri tied up to a chair, murdered by CTU mole and Bauer former flame Nina Myers. The final moments of the show are heartbreaking; Jack unties his murdered wife, weeps and apologizes lululemon athletica to her as the 24 clock, silently (the only time it would do so in 24 history) gives out its final ticks of the season. The death of Terri Bauer was a life changing moment for Jack that would shape his actions for future 24 seasons.
6. In this episode, the Michael and Sydney relationship seemed to finally be going somewhere, Sydney finally confronts the Bitch aka her mother, Will Tippin was almost murdered by Evil Francine and of course there was an epic battle between Sydney and Evil Francine. Abrams added a twist that would give the finale its elite status. After the fight with Francine, Sydney blacks out in her apartment only to wake up in China where she finds out that michael kors rose gold watch her crush Michael Vaughn is married because she been missing for two years! Those missing years would be at the center of Alias entire season three run.
5. Hell Breaks Loose featured the death of the Yellow-Eyed Demon, the death of a Winchester, the return of Papa Winchester, a Crossroad Demon, the opening of a door to hell which released all types of crazy shit into the world and more importantly it made Supernatural fans anticipate season three in order to see how Dean could get out of his crossroad deal and what new evils awaited the Winchester Bros.
4. The Simpsons Season 6: Shot Mr. Burns quickly screw them out of it. His actions would have ramifications across the entire town of Springfield, giving all of its citizens, including a guest starring Tito Puente, a reason to grab their gats and pump him full of lead. That is exactly what happened at the end of the episode, which had as a cliffhanger, Mr. Burns getting shot by an unknown character. Shot Mr. Burns? cracks the top five on the list for a couple of reasons; its one the best The Simpsons episodes, has the distinction of being one half of the only two part episode in The Simpsons history and its the only episode listed here that spawned a contest. In the time between Part 1 2, viewers had to guess who busted a cap on Mr. Burns ass for a chance to get animated in a future episode. Fortunately the episode was sprinkled with clues to help fans identify the culprit but unfortunately this was prior to the DVR so it was a bitch to constantly rewind the VCRs.
3. The ending of the episode was money as it had President Baltar surrendering control to the Cylons while the undermanned battlestars fled, leaving the human civilization to fend off for themselves. Looking back at this episode, the only way it could been better was if at any point Helo had died. The episode had a sweet cliffhanger that had Trekkers thinking all summer about the fate of their beloved captain due to William Riker ordering The Enterprise to open fire on Borg Picard. of Both Worlds, Part 1 ranks high up the list because of its pop culture significance. Without this episode, the line is futile is never spoken in Trek lore, there is no Star Trek: First Contact, which means no famous line must be drawn HERE speech.
1. The episode featured the death of a major character (we miss you Charlie Pace), a new Dharma station (The Looking Glass), action (gunfire at the beach), romance, a michael kors watches trek across the Island for our first glimpse at the radio tower, the one eyed bastard, Mikhail, finally meeting his end and everyone favorite doctor now equipped with depression and a weird looking beard. Lost is such a supreme television show that any of their season finales could cracked our list but what earns the Looking Glass the top spot is the jaw dropping twist at the end. During the episode viewers were led to believe all of Jack off-island storyline was a flashback until the final moments. The final scene had the bearded one meet with Kate at an airport where he utters the immortal words: have to go back Kate. WE HAVE TO GO BAAAAAAACK! Boom! Viewers hadn been watching a flashback but instead a flashforward where the castaways had made it off the Island. That kids, is what folks in the biz call a game changer. No longer confined to flashbacks, Lost found new ways to tell its tale and to this date has not looked back.
If television is your habit and you enjoyed this, check where to buy toms out 10 Unforgettable TV Series Finales. 2 hottest women of Genre TV. If you are wondering how LOST is going to end, check out Joe Oesterle and Tara Perry in a special edition of The Movie Maven. You should catch up on the latest Lost news and reviews HERE as well.
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Okay, so, a couple of things that need to be corrected (and I hate being this guy, but I'm going to be this guy anyway)
~ 24, at least once a season, has a silently ticking clock. I"d have to go back and rewatch to point out where they all are, but once toms shoes sale a season, the clock ticks silently.
~ I may be misremembering this, but wasn't the cliffhanger to ST:TNG that Riker ordered the Enterprise to RAM the Borg cube and destroy it? It's been forever since I've seen that episode, so I could very possibly be wrong.
Other than that, though, I liked this list. It left Chrichton on an operating table in the midst of a brain operation with the top of his skull off, his language center compromised so he couldn't talk, and his brain surgeon lying dead on the floor. While Scorpious made off with the brain chip with the secret wormhole info on it. Oh, and Aeryn was dead.
The other season enders were killers too. The end of the 4th season left Chrichton proposing to Aeryn, her accepting, and them both louis vuitton bags getting blasted into sand. No show could shock like Farscape.
And killing Helo on BSG would have been a big mistake. He was the only character on the whole show who was worthy of respect. Everybody else was a lying, cheating bastard. Everybody.
If it's Trek we're talking, we'd have to add the Season 5 finale, where Sisko abandons DS9 and the Dominion take over. Season 6, as well, should be noted for the death of Jadzia and Sisko and son head back to Earth, leaving Kyra in charge.
Voyager as well had Basics from Season 2 (the Kazon kicking Janeway and crew off her own ship while stranding them on some pitiful rock) and Season 3 as Janeway forms an alliance with the Borg to fend off a certain species with a certain number.
Still waiting to see what has happened on "Warehouse 13" though.
and while she's here, hey karas, you're the Brad Pitt aficionado, so I'd expect you'd automatically know any differences between "Troy" on DVD and the unrated cut that appears on Blu-Ray -- any thoughts?
(come on karas, don't deny it -- Brad Pitt in high definition, you've tasted the fruit of that garden I'm quite certain)
I remember Best of both Worlds part 1 like it was yesterday. I had watched some TNG in the past but season 3 was the first time I watched a full season. BOBW 1 was the first time I was exposed to a clifthanger. I watched it, enjoyed it and couldn't wait till the next weekend to see what happend. Saturday night came and I sat down excited and then I went WTF when they started airing an episode I had seen before. Every weeks I would turn in and still I would get a rerun. I was begining to think that BOBW 1 was how the show ended and that was it. Then at one point during the summer I started buying and reading Starlog and that's when it made sence. To this day I still love BOBW 1 and 2. I even made myself a home made cut where I included the begining of DS9 into it
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